Blogs Kill

I was recently reading an article that caught my eye on The article spoke about a newspaper reporter who committed suicide. Although sad, nothing too over interesting (and I am not heartless). The part that really piqued my interest was the fact that there was a possible link between his death and blogger who was posting very critical things about him. Although there is no evidence linking the blog and his death together, some people say that what the blogger was posting really upset the reporter.  I am not really going to get too much into detail about the whole case, but rather I want to touch on the subject of posting with manners. This incident was an extreme case, but I am sure that we have all heard of people who have been hurt by something that was posted online. I am sure that in our future careers as PR professionals we will probably be responsible for keeping a blog up-to-date. Make sure that you are aware of what you are posting and remember that as PR professionals we are maintaining the company image. So don’t blog about certain circumstances where you know that it is a sensitive topic and keep it clean. One saying that I am sure that we are all sick a tired of hearing, yet it still rings true is “If you don’t have anything nice to blog about, don’t blog at all”.


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This Just Goes to Show How Important Communication Skills Really Are.

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Opening my Eyes a Little Wider

About two weeks ago, our class had a professional development day. In the beginning I was a little hesitant about if the PD was actually going to be worth while. Well, I was pleasently surprised with everything that happened. From the mock interviews to the resume workshop, Andrea and Steve did an amazing job organizing the afternoon.  One thing that stuck out in my mind was how often social media was brought up, and how important it seemed. Because I am still a “newbie” at the whole social media thing, I was interested in what the professionals had to say. Zoë Siskos, who lead the Q&A session, actually does social media as her career. I was very interested to learn that she actually got her job basically through her own personal blogging experiences. It amazes me that there are who companies dedicated to social media. During my mock interview with Cheryl, she brought up social media. I wasn’t expecting this to come up in my interview with her, but I am glad that it was. She really stressed to me how social media is making changes in the communications industry and how my generation is really going to be the ones who will fully understand the major impact it causes, this made me think. Many of the “older” (and I use that term lightly) PR professionals never had to deal with the immense amount of social media that we are dealing with now. In fact, even though I am naïve about social media, I will know more then the older generation will ever know about it. To me it is just a part of my world. Even though I may know more then the “older” professionals, social media continues to change everyday.  I must make this final comment which follows up with my first posting. When I had made the first post I was really unsure of the extreme impact that social media has on the communication industry. Now, just a month later, my eyes have been opened to how important it is to know and understand how the various forms of social media works and who is using social media to voice their opinions.

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IBM Blogs

Hello all

I have recently signed up for daily email alerts from This particular article caught my eye. I think that it is worth the read.

The article focuses on how social media is becoming so prevalent. IBM is taking this trend seriously and is encouraging employees to begin to add their input. IBM feels that by allowing employees to express themselves, even negatively, they will in turn become more productive and happier. To date IBM has approx. 120 employee blogs. IBM is also allowing employee groups on Facebook. This is another outlet for IBM employees to voice their thoughts in a safe way.

Take a look at the article. It goes to show that we are just at the beginning of understanding how important social media really is.

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Hello World take 2

BLOG. What a scary thing for me. When I was first assigned to create a blog in my PR issues and strategies class, I was EXTREEMLY hesitant. I am not one to read blogs, in fact I personally don’t like blogs. The purpose of the assignment was to better understand the impact of social media in today’s society. I fully understand the impact, but I still didn’t want to create a blog. I think that a large part of my hesitation was that I really didn’t know what I was going to talk about. I now have an angle of where my posts are going. I have decided that because I am very naive about blogs and social media, I will start talking about that and how I will introduce myself to the blogging world.

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